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At Chung & Ignacio, LLP, our legal team has handled a wide range of family law matters relating to child custody and child support. We understand how sensitive child support matters can be, as both parents are supposed to keep the child’s best interests in mind, but also remain sensitive to each other’s financial standing. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this time on your own.

The Rancho Cucamonga family law attorneys at Chung & Ignacio, LLP are ready to guide you through this complex and stressful legal process.

Don’t let child support matters be decided without your say. Let our firm stand up for you and ensure your rights and the best interests of your child are taken into consideration. Start by calling us today to set up your confidential consultation!

Guiding You Through Complex Support Matters

Most child support cases must be resolved in court. If you and the other parent believe you can work out a child support arrangement or modification on your own, we still encourage you to have legal representation to ensure your rights are protected. Whether in or out of the courtroom, we are prepared to help you come up with a favorable solution for the children.

  • Keep in mind, the court will review the following when deciding on a support amount:
  • The financial standing of each parent
  • The earning potential of the custodial parent
  • The job situation of the supportive parent
  • The financial needs of the child
  • Emergency, medical, and other expenses

There are other factors that may be taken into consideration depending on the unique nature of your case. That is why it is so crucial to have a Rancho Cucamonga family lawyer by your side to see that financial matters are calculated correctly and a child support arrangement is fair to your situation.

What Can I Do If My Ex Stops Paying Child Support?

If you and your ex have a child together, odds are you share the financial responsibility for that child as well. Caring for children can be expensive—between medical care, food, toys, after-school programs, and other activities, the bills can pile up quite easily. In order to ensure that your child receives the type of upbringing he or she deserves, it’s important for both parents to contribute financially.

In any divorce or separation, most parents come up with a child support plan where one parent pays the other, the primary caretaker, a certain amount for the child’s upkeep. However, if the paying parent misses payments or underpays, it could significantly impact the life of the child. Also, it could make things extremely challenging for you, the child’s primary caretaker.

In most cases, parents should have court orders dictating the specific:

  • Amount
  • Due date
  • And duration of child support.

If a court order for child support exists, yet your ex still refuses to pay, you have every right to pursue legal action to retain the funds your child deserves. Outstanding child support payments shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your ex owes you money for the care of your child, make sure you know your legal options.

Was a Child Support Arrangement Established?

After a divorce or separation, parents must make a parenting plan, which outlines the specific rules regarding the care of their child. Within that parenting plan, most parents plan for child support payment plans. If you only have a verbal agreement with your ex, rather than an official court order, you have significantly less power over any missing or inadequate payments.

An official court order for child support is much more enforceable and official, any non-legal agreement you entered into with your ex could be disputed in an inconclusive he-said-she-said argument. In order to enforce those child support payments, you first need to establish an official court order for child support. If you haven’t already, you need to take your child support issue before a judge.

You Have Legal Options

If you have a court order for child support, there are a few things you can do to enforce that order. First of all, you should talk to your ex to try to work the problem out. If your ex refuses to pay, or if you aren’t able to get into contact with them, your next step should be to call your family lawyer. An experienced family law attorney will be able to tell you what your options are, depending on your specific situation. In most cases, you should be able to petition the court for support.

When you go to the court, the judge may hold your ex in contempt of court for failing to follow the child support orders. Because child support orders are legally binding documents, your ex is ignoring the court by failing to follow their orders. Once they are held in contempt of court, your ex will be required to pay what they owe you in child support payments, or they could face serious consequences. Being held in contempt of court could result in additional expenses, such as legal fines, and it can even lead to jail time. Also, the court could withhold certain payments to the delinquent party, including tax returns.

If your ex stopped paying child support, our firm is prepared to help. We understand how emotionally and financially taxing this type of situation can be, and we want to help you seek justice.

Modifying Child Support Orders

Life circumstances can change, and sometimes the child support order that was initially established may no longer be suitable. Whether you have experienced a significant change in income, a job loss, or a change in custody arrangements, our experienced Rancho Cucamonga child support attorneys can help you modify your child support order to reflect your current situation.

When seeking a modification, it is important to consider:

  • The reason for the modification request
  • The impact of the modification on both parents and the child
  • The financial and emotional well-being of the child
  • The ability of each parent to financially support the child

Our skilled Rancho Cucamonga child support attorneys will guide you through the modification process, ensuring that your rights and the best interests of your child are protected. We will work diligently to negotiate with the other party or represent you in court to seek a fair and reasonable modification of the child support order.

Interested in learning how we can help protect your best interests during this time? Call our firm today to set up a free consultation!

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Commonly Asked Questions

How can I enforce my child support orders?

You should talk to your ex first in order to try and work out any issues. If that fails, contact your family lawyer who can tell you what options are available depending on your specific situation. In most cases, you should be able to petition the court for enforcement.

Can I receive back payments if my ex was late in paying?

Yes. If there was an existing court order for child support payments and those payments were not made or underpaid then it is possible that back payments may be awarded as part of enforcing that existing order.

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