What If My Spouse is Delaying the Divorce Process?

While some divorcing couples cannot wait to get away from each other, others get stuck in an endless loop of a drawn-out legal process due to the unreasonable delays and demands of one spouse in particular. Sometimes, one spouse will express his or her frustrations by refusing to allow the divorce to process as it should. If you are the one who files first, your spouse will be served with this news sooner or later. Instead of accepting the decision, he or she may refuse and choose to make it all the more difficult for you. The most obvious way an unrelenting spouse delays the divorce process involves stalling tactics. Unfortunately, your ex may not care about wasting their own time and money as long as they cost you yours.

If your divorce process is proving longer than necessary due to your ex’s defiance, consider these tips:

  • Do not reward selfish and controlling behavior by letting them see you sweat. As difficult as it may be, you must not let your anger or frustration show as it will only encourage the behavior.
  • If you cannot contain your emotions, remove yourself from the situation and limit your communication as much as possible. Your respective attorneys can handle the rest.
  • Notify your attorney if your ex is declining to release important paperwork. A judge can impose financial sanctions if your ex does not respond.
  • Last but not least, compromise. If your ex is completely unreasonable, we do not suggest you concede. However, if this comes down to an issue of ego, simply giving in may set you free--which is the ultimate prize of all.

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