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Finding Motivation After Divorce

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The first few months following a divorce are often the most difficult. Your lack of motivation after it’s been finalized can be debilitating at times, but there are resources you can take advantage of to help you recover. Finding motivation is sometimes tough, but it can be done using these tips.

Find a Support Group

A support group might sound cliché and not at all like you, but it’s proven beneficial to many people following divorce. The people in these groups have been through a divorce. They know where you are coming from, how you feel, and what you are going through. Everyone is at a different stage, and that can help you gain some perspective as to what you can expect throughout the process.

One of the biggest benefits of the support group is making new friends who share your new lifestyle and were not associated with you and your ex-spouse. It’s sometimes easier to spend time with people who only know you as divorced rather than those who know both you and your ex and are accustomed to spending time with you as a family.

Incorporate Things You Love Into Your Life

When you’re married, you often find yourself making sacrifices for the entire family. Now you’re not married, and you have more time to focus on yourself and what truly makes you happy. It’s time to start incorporating what you love into your life so that you have the ability to find yourself. Join a club. Take a vacation. Read more books. Do what you never had time to do when you were married. It motivates you to make the best of your new life.

Allow Yourself Time to Grieve

It’s okay to feel sad. You need to grieve the loss of your marriage. It was a marriage you thought you’d have forever, and it did not work out. The key here is to allow yourself to grieve for a certain amount of time, and then you stop. Give yourself a week or a month. Don’t allow your grief to continue after that. It’s time to let go, move on, and make the most of your life.

Divorce is the end of a chapter, but the end of your marriage is also the beginning of a new chapter. Let that motivate you to continue writing your story with a positive note. It’s difficult, but you will find the motivation to succeed even when you feel no motivation at the moment.