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4 Ways to Help Your Children During Your Divorce

Daughter holding her mother's hand.

If you are in the midst of going through a divorce, you know that sometimes you might find yourself in heated situations. Emotions are running high and spouses feel tempted to say things they might later regret. If there are children involved, you need to be particularly careful about how you handle your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Both spouses should remember that putting their children first should be paramount to any issues they may have with one another.

Here are some ways in which you can help your children throughout the course of a divorce:

  1. Encourage a healthy relationship with the other parent: Children are not pawns in a divorce. Unfortunately, parents often make this mistake. Keep them out of the conflict between you and your spouse, because they do not belong in the middle of your divorce. By encouraging a healthy relationship with the other parent, you are promoting stability. Just because your marriage is over does not mean a child needs to choose between parents. Let them know that it is ok to continue to love both of you equally.
  2. Co-parent to help your child: Effectively co-parenting is critical to your child’s happiness. To accomplish this, parents need to be on the same page when it comes to how to raise their children and establish the same rules for them in both households to limit any confusion or possible feelings of resentment and anger.
  3. Keep the negativity to yourself: Your children are not your therapists, so you should not vent to them about your spouse. Everyone needs an outlet, however, so seek the appropriate help if you are feeling overwhelmed, such as an actual therapist, family member, or trusted friend whom you can talk to or ask for advice.
  4. Understand your children: There is a common misperception that children can bounce back from anything, including divorce. This is far from the case. Divorce is hard for children to cope with and the pain that results can follow them for years. Even if you have already moved on, you cannot expect your children to heal at your pace, so try to understand their needs and help them cope if they are having trouble.

Ultimately, the decisions you make and the actions you carry out must also serve the needs and interests of your children. Divorce is never a walk in the park for anyone, but it is especially hard for children to understand. For you, it is about ending a relationship that is no longer functioning. For them, it is the end of life as they know it because Mom and Dad are going to live separately. They are going to need your help to understand that, despite these dramatic changes, both you and your spouse still love them and will do everything you can to make them feel safe.

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