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Child Custody Mistakes

Daughter holding her mother's hand.

For divorcing parents, fighting for child custody is often an emotional and trying time. It is common to face uncertainty and to receive conflicting advice from friends and family, adding to the confusion. Unfortunately, mistakes are made during this process, though they are not unavoidable. Here are some of the most frequently made child custody mistakes:

  1. Saying Too Much: Tempting as it may be to discuss your child custody case with people in your life, you can never be sure what shared information will reach your ex. It can weaken your case if your ex knows beforehand what you plan to say or do in court. If you need to discuss strategy, do it with your lawyer.
  2. Making Your Child Custody Case About Your Ex’s Failures: It is possible that an inattentive or negligent partner might also be a deficient parent, but you should not make this the crux of your case in court. A judge might perceive this as bitterness or that you are unwilling to cooperate with your ex at all as a co-parent.
  3. Emotional Decision-Making: Custody battles are an inherently emotional experience, but you must refrain from allowing your emotions to make decisions for you. You might do something you regret. Always consult with your lawyer before making a hasty move.
  4. Being Passive: Do not passively sit back in your own child custody case. Even with a skilled lawyer, it is important to be actively engaged in the outcome of the process. Showing determination can also positively affect your case.

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