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Staying Connected Online May Disconnect You From Your Children During Divorce

Staying connected online may seem fun: you can see the trips your friends make, you can update friends and family about significant life events, and you can share photos of your family. However, your social media posts and activity can now be used as evidence in child custody and divorce matters.

Why Does This Matter?

If a social media post made by yourself or others about you is used in court, you will need counterevidence to address it. A post about a girls’ night out can quickly turn into evidence for an unfit parent, so being mindful of what you are posting can limit opportunities for the other party to use your online activity against you.

How To Prevent Your Social Posts From Being Used As Evidence

  • Post mindfully online. Don’t include details about your divorce or other information that could be perceived as too much information
  • Limit what you post about your social life. Too many posts about drinks with friends could be used as a case that you abuse substances, to which you need to provide extensive evidence to claim otherwise.
  • Keep it appropriate. Profane language, scantily clothed images, or posts about inappropriate topics could also be considered in your child custody case.
  • Don’t overdo it. If you’re in the midst of a child custody hearing and you suddenly start posting about how much you love your children, it will be noticed. Overdoing it may also be seen negatively in your case.

What Do I Do If My Social Media Activity Is Used In Court?

Consult your attorney for advice as their team begins to create their counterclaim. Our experienced child custody attorneys are equipped to help you fight for your children and preserve your family in your complex family law matters.

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