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Do I Need a Lawyer for Custody Modification?

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Did you know, many child custody orders go through a modification every two to three years? It’s extremely common to request a custody modification for a number of reasons. However, do you know if you need a lawyer for your modification? Or will you try and handle it yourself?

How a Lawyer Can Help

Custody orders are put into place with the child’s best interest in mind. Depending on the modification request from your co-parent, suddenly it may seem as if your child’s best interest may no longer be the number one priority. A custody order should protect a child, and shouldn’t be in place simply because one parent wants to prove a point or steal time away from their co-parent. A lawyer can help in these situations, where you may have a difficult co-parent or if you believe the custody modification request is no longer in the best interest of your child.

In an ideal world, you and your co-parent would 100% agree on every aspect of your child’s custody order. But that is unfortunately quite uncommon. Each co-parent has different wants, needs, and requests, and it can be difficult to agree on a custody modification without a third party or a lawyer’s help.

Your Custody Agreement Has Limitations

Although it is fairly common to change a custody order, there are limitations to doing so. Some custody orders can’t be changed if they were recently updated or put into place. Also, you may need to prove that a specific or permanent change impacted your child’s life and that you can prove the custody modification is in their best interest. It’s helpful to consult with a lawyer so that they can help you understand if it’s the right time and an allowable reason to have a custody modification with your co-parent.

If you're interested in requesting a modification of your child custody agreement, we can help answer your questions help you navigate the legalities, and understand the process.

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