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Top 10 Tips to Survive the Holidays During Divorce

Many aspects of someone's personal and social life are often altered as a result of divorce. Divorce's impact might be especially challenging during the upcoming holiday season when parties and family gatherings are common. We invite clients and website visitors to read this following brief blog offering 10 common tips divorced persons might employ to survive this potentially tough time of the year.

1. Accept That Circumstances Are Different

Divorced individuals might sometimes have a difficult time adjusting to their new set of circumstances or accepting that their former life has been altered. Such beliefs can be particularly tough during the holiday season when specific traditions and expectations are often observed. Accepting that things are not what they used to be may make coping with the holidays easier to cope with.

2. Focus On The Children

Divorced persons might find some joy in making the holidays about their children. Though the late fall and early winter months might be a difficult time for the impacted adults, holiday time is typically a joyous period for young people. Absorbing a child's enjoyment might improve their divorced parent's mood and overall coping skills during the holiday season.

3. Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Isolation will only increase negative feelings such as loneliness and sadness. That said, any divorced individual might be better suited surrounding themselves with people who will allow them to express their emotions without being judgmental, refrain from giving advice, and will not spend a lot of time dwelling on their circumstances.

4. Volunteer

Sometimes, people experiencing difficult times can benefit from helping those facing even greater challenges or more difficult times. Therefore, a divorced individual might receive joy or satisfaction performing a selfless activity such as volunteering. The holidays are a busy time and there are many places that could utilize the services of a volunteer like retail establishments, homeless shelters, and houses of worship.

5. Create New Traditions

Holiday traditions can be great. However, they are often tied to the past. For a divorced individual, partaking in such events may force them to dwell on times and associate with people who were part of their former life. That does not mean, however, that new traditions and customs cannot be established and enjoyed.

6. Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Experiencing the holiday season following a divorce might precipitate adverse mental and emotional feelings. That said, such difficulties could be compounded by becoming physically ill as well. While colder temperatures and contact with people could potentially make it impossible to avoid illness during the holidays, practicing a healthy lifestyle could reduce the risk. Optimal health could be achieved by consuming a healthy, balanced diet, obtain as much rest as possible, exercise and avoid bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol excessively.

7. Keep Busy

Everyone has heard variations of sayings suggesting how idle time can lead to adverse occurrences. Those who have too much time to think may be at risk of dwelling on the past or on the bad. As previously suggested, one way to keep busy is through the act of volunteering. However, time can be occupied through a variety of other activities including work, holiday shopping, holiday decorating, and relaxing hobbies.

8. Stay Away From Social Media Sites

On a 365-day-per-year basis, social media sites offer many people a forum to express how wonderful their lives and families are. Photographs and endless narrations of family gatherings and adoring parents observing their kids open their Christmas presents could be quite difficult for a divorced person to witness. Ergo, staying off social media sites until after the new year might be advisable.

9. Appreciate The Good

It is easy for a divorced person or anyone experiencing difficult times to focus on the negative and forget about the good times and events occurring in their lives. There is typically something someone can be thankful for such as healthy children, good friends, a decent job, food, clothing, and shelter.

10. Do Not Overextend Yourself

As important as it may be for a divorced individual to remain occupied during the holidays, said persons should not overextend themselves. It is important for such individuals to remember that they also need time to heal, adjust to their new circumstances, and process the many emotions they may be feeling. Therefore, it might prove beneficial to set boundaries with family and friends regarding what responsibilities and activities they can and cannot take on during the season.

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