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Should I Wait Until After the Holidays to Divorce?

Winter is a time of seasonal cheer for many. However, for couples having issues, it can be a dark and lonely time. Many people wonder whether they should end their unhappy marriage now or wait until after the holidays. Which is the best for you? The answer may surprise you. 

Why Wait

There are always good reasons to stay in a marriage. The holiday season brings even more. 
  • Will a divorce detract from the holiday for you, your spouse, and your family?
  • Can you afford the financial cost of leaving right now?
  • Will the holidays be forever ruined by unhappy memories if you leave now?

These seem reasonable at face value. However, they assume that you and your spouse will be able to get along well enough to keep the ruse going for several more months. They are simply putting off the inevitable. 

Time to Act

Although it is always easier to delay difficult conversations and decisions, this is rarely a good long-term approach. After the holidays, there will be another good reason to stay in a relationship that has grown increasingly unhappy and even toxic. 

You may feel that you can get along with your spouse convincingly enough to give your loved ones one last holiday together. The holidays are a stressful time even for the most dedicated couple. People, especially children, are good at sensing tension. In addition, spending time together may give your spouse false hope that will only be destroyed when you serve him or her with papers after the divorce. 

Although it can be overwhelming to take such a life-changing step now, with the holidays looming so soon, there is no better time. Divorce is difficult regardless of the season. Starting the process now, with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, is the first step to cleaning house for the holidays and building a fulfilling new life.

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