6 California Divorce Forms to Know

Divorce signingYou and your spouse are considering a divorce, but you’re not sure where to turn. It’s understandable because the divorce process is often complex. Some people are not even sure where to start or what is necessary to begin the divorce proceedings. At Chung & Ignacio, our Rancho Cucamonga divorce attorneys understand how difficult this time can be. We take the time to fully explain what you need to do in order to file for divorce and the various forms you need every step of the way.

These are some of the forms you need to know for a California divorce:

  • Petition – Marriage / Domestic Partnership (Form FL-100): This is the form you need to begin the divorce process. Whether you are looking for a divorce or a legal separation, you need this form if you are married, in a registered domestic partnership, or both. This lists children, dates, debts, and property.
  • Summons (Form FL-110): This is the form that will inform your domestic partner or spouse that a case has officially started. It will also inform them of the 30 day limit and what will happen if they don’t respond.
  • Proof of Service Summons (Form FL-115): This form will let the court know that the summons was served to the spouse or domestic partner. It helps to confirm the beginning of the 30 day response period.
  • Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (Form FL-105 / GC-120): This form is for when you have children under the age of 18 with your spouse or partner. This informs the judge that the children have been living with a certain party and recognizes any other existing custody orders involving this case.
  • Child Custody and Visitation Application Attachment (Form FL-311): This is optional, but it can help make sure you include all information in your request.
  • Property Declaration (FL-160): This form allows you and your spouse to list the assets, property, and debts you have and classify them as either community or separate property.

These forms can be complex at times, so it’s best to work with a skilled Rancho Cucamonga divorce lawyer. At Chung & Ignacio, we take the time to break these forms down, explaining what each one means and what information needs to be provided. It is our goal to make sure you do everything right and that the forms are completed fully and accurately.

Our firm is knowledgeable in these matters and we are well aware of what we need to show to help resolve your case. We want to look out for the best interests of you and those who matter most to you.Call us today to discuss your potential divorce.

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