6 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

divorce decreeWhen most people think about divorce, they often associate it with a drawn-out process and fighting between the two parties. While it is true that many matters are resolved in this manner, it doesn’t make it true for all divorces. In some situations, there are spouses who recognize that the relationship is beyond repair and they are okay with going their separate ways. They can work together and discuss their goals with the divorce without the contentious matters becoming a roadblock in the process. These couples have alternative options, including collaborative divorce.

In matters of collaborative divorce, it is beneficial to retain a skilled Rancho Cucamonga divorce attorney to help you navigate the process. At Chung & Ignacio, we know how to work with clients to go through divorce mediation and work together to get through the process in a way that looks out for everyone’s best interests. If you and your spouse are considering divorce and are still on friendly terms, we encourage you to learn the various benefits of collaborative divorce and determine if the option is best for you and your family.

Save Money

You may have already reached out to multiple lawyers to learn more about the costs of divorce. From attorney fees to court fees and other expenses, a contested divorce can be costly. Because collaborative divorce keeps you out of the courtroom, it can be a much more affordable option to pursue and protect your finances.

Save Time

Did you know that contested divorces can often take over a year to be completed? This is because the couples spend large amounts of time arguing matters involving the various aspects of divorce. When couples can agree on the major factors involved in divorce, they can make the process go by quicker and smoother.

Less Anxiety and Stress

Far too often, couples going through the divorce process are often concerned with what will happen each day. This is because they are often wondering what decisions will be made regarding their family. Because you and your spouse have already agreed on many of the aspects in a collaborative divorce, there is less to worry about that would normally cause anxiety or stress.

No Need for Extra Expenses

During a contentious divorce, there are certain situations that may require you to provide even more expenses than you expected. This could mean expenses for vocational experts, forensic accountants, and more. Because you and your spouse have already discussed these aspects of your divorce in a collaborative setting, you may be able to avoid these extra costs.

More Control

In a normal divorce setting, the decisions regarding custody, support, and property division are made by a judge who may not have a full understanding of your family. Because you are making the decisions in these matters, you are able to control who gets what, what support is necessary, and who gets the children.

Keep Children Out of Court

Oftentimes, when children are involved in divorce, contentious matters can expose them to the difficult and stressful court proceedings. This may cause some dissention between the children and one of the parents. The best interests of the children are the most important factor, and keeping them out of court can help them in the future.

If you and your loved one are considering divorce, we encourage you to take the time and learn about collaborative divorce. We want to make sure you understand your rights and goals, as well as the ways you can benefit in the process. Call our Rancho Cucamonga divorce lawyers at Chung & Ignacio to discuss your divorce and learn how we can help you.

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