Car Salesman Killed During Test Drive

An Ontario car salesperson died during a test drive. Reports suggest the driver was under the influence of prescription medication.

An employee at the CarMax dealership in Ontario has been killed while taking a customer on a test drive. Warren Smale, 43, took Alex Mark Demetro, 28, out on a drive in a Corvette for a potential sale. Unfortunately, tragedy struck. At 12:45pm, police received a call saying a red Corvette had crashed into a tree less than a mile away from the dealership. Witnesses reported that the car had been speeding and the driver appeared to lose control before crashing.

Ontario police arrested Demetro for potential vehicular manslaughter and for driving under the influence of prescription medication. His bail was set for $100,000, which he posted.

In order to test drive a vehicle at CarMax, a customer must show their driver’s license. The dealership then scans the I.D. to check for validity and to see if there are any restrictions placed. CarMax encourages employees to report customers they may be suspicious of before the test drive. This is the first employee death CarMax had suffered during a test drive.

The dealership and community are shocked at Smale’s death. Everyone remembers him as a caring, kind friend and co-worker.

At Chung & Ignacio, we are sorry for the loss of Smale. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

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