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This New Year We Resolve to Fight Harder for You


As the New Year rolls in, the resolutions take hold. This time of year is always exciting, offering limitless opportunities and possibilities. While most people focus on achieving personal goals and bettering themselves, our attorneys at Chung & Ignacio promise to work even harder for you. We strive to offer quality legal services that you can count on.

New Year’s Eve usually entails celebration and full swing parties. Authorities are aware of this, thus they dispatch many more officers to patrol the streets. Unfortunately, in order to catch intoxicated drivers, cops may wrongfully pull someone over. Or, sometimes people make mistakes, and you may be charged with a DUI. Whatever the case, our criminal defense attorneys are ready to fight on your behalf.

The New Year is also a time to start new endeavors. Many people usually dream of owning their own business but wait to take the steps to start one. If you do decide to start your own business or need help monitoring your current company, our civil litigation attorneys are here to help. We have experience dealing with business law, contract litigation, regulatory compliance, and more. You work hard for your business, and we promise to work even harder for you.

Finally, the New Year brings new resolutions to do what is best for you and your family. This might include accepting the end of your marriage. Sometimes, divorce is inevitable and beneficial for everyone involved. If you and your spouse decide to dissolve your marriage, our family law attorneys can help. We have experience working with families to resolve matters of child custody, child and spousal support, and property division. We can help you navigate through this turbulent time so that you can enjoy the new year.

At Chung & Ignacio, Attorneys at Law, our Rancho Cucamonga office has resolved to work for our clients with passion and dedication. We prioritize your needs and prepare each case as if it were going to trial. So if you need help with family law, civil litigation, or criminal defense, call us today. We offer free case evaluations.