A mother helping her young daughter put on a mask

What Should My Kids Do While Under Quarantine?

Recently, San Bernardino County met the state’s requirements to begin reopening schools. However, it may take weeks or even months still for all schools to reopen and put in place the proper protocols to open safely. In the meantime, what should you safely do with your children during stay-at-home orders?

Attend Virtual Learning

Missing out on an entire school year can be difficult for your child. Especially for younger children, the lack of interaction with their classmates can take a toll on them over time. One thing you can do to help your child succeed is to set up a desk or school-focused space at home. Ensuring they stick to a schedule and attend their virtual classes can help keep them on track to return to school when they’re ready. Ensuring they’re engaged and present during virtual classes can help them not only continue their education but to build personal connections with their classmates and teachers.

Try New Indoor Activities

Another great quarantine alternative is to start new activities and traditions at home with your kids. Think about the activities they used to like to do in public and transform those experiences inside your home. Have a family movie night, with buttered popcorn, sodas, and all the snacks! Or, make every Friday night a dance party, complete with lights and their favorite music!

If your child is missing their extracurricular activities, there are many free workout videos for kids on YouTube. You can try yoga, karate, dance, or other classes together. There are also many artistic activities available for your creative children, too. Paint at-home kits and classes are a big hit!

Stick to Your Child Custody Schedule

Most importantly, make sure you do your best to stick to your child’s custody schedule while under stay-at-home orders. You may want to contact your lawyer to make any upcoming adjustments as necessary, as schools and daycares are looking like they’ll begin to open back up again soon. This may affect your child’s schedule, depending on your work schedule, your co-parent, and new school hours.

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