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How Expensive is Adoption?

Adoption is an excellent option for couples looking to expand their family. While the high cost of adoption can be a barrier to entry for many spouses, there are cost-effective alternative options, such as adopting a child from foster care.

Learn more about the price ranges you may expect during the adoption process to understand all your options.

Private Agency Adoption

Many families decide to hire a private agency to facilitate their adoption of an infant or child. Private agency adoptions conducted outside the public child welfare system, such as the foster care system, may vary widely in costs depending on whether you work with the agency yourself or with the help of an adoption attorney.

The total fees included in this process can be anywhere from $20,000-$40,000. These fees may encompass everything from court and legal fees, counseling for birth parents, medical expenses, social work services, and more.

Independent Adoption

Another route that couples decide to take is going through the adoption process independent of an agency. In this scenario, an attorney would help the adoptive and biological parents through the adoption process. The fees for this type of adoption may range from $15,000-$40,000. These expenses may cover the birth mother’s medical expenses and separate legal fees for representing both the adoptive and biological parents.

Foster Care Adoption

A third option is to adopt a child from foster care. Couples who adopt from foster care usually adopt from a country, state, or territory. As such, this type of adoption is typically funded by the state, and there are few to no fees. Couples can decide to hire an adoption attorney to help them through the process, but these out-of-pocket expenses can often be recouped from federal or state programs after the adoption is finalized.

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