3 Ways to Help Your Child Through a Divorce


For many married couples going through trials and tribulations, divorce may be the best option. Often times, however, the parties involved don’t think about how a divorce may impact others in their family. One of the most vulnerable individuals in a divorce is the children of the divorcees.

It’s important for both parents to go above and beyond to help make sure their children’s best interests are the main priority during the divorce. While a couple may not be able to make a marriage work anymore, they should still focus on their child and protect them through the process.

Here are three ways to help your child through a divorce:

1. Ensure They Feel Loved

Many children believe that they are the reason for divorce. While as parents, we may think this is a silly thought, it’s something that many children deal with and they often blame themselves for everything that is happening.

Continue to reassure your child that they are loved and the divorce is not their fault. They don’t need to know the details of what is happening and why, but they should know that they are not the cause and no matter what happens, they will be loved by both parents.

2. Encourage Them to Communicate

Giving your child a forum in which he or she can express their feelings is extremely important. Far too often, children tend to bottle up their feelings and avoid telling either parent how they truly feel about a situation.

Give your child the opportunity to speak openly about what they’re thinking, their concerns, and more. You can accomplish this in a non-contentious manner so you can put their mind at ease regarding the issues at hand. If your child doesn’t want to talk, try encouraging them to write out their feelings.

3. Choose Amiable Solutions

Whether you are discussing general custody, summer break, vacations, or holidays, always make decisions that are best for your child. The more you argue about these items, the more difficult it will be for your child as they may feel as though they are choosing one parent over the other.

You also want to avoid discussing the other parent in a negative way in front of your child. They shouldn’t have to hear about the negative issues. This can cause the child to have negative thoughts about the other party that are unwarranted.

At Chung & Ignacio, LLP, it is our goal to help families get through a divorce while minimizing the impact on children. Our Rancho Cucamonga divorce lawyers are focused on the best results for all parties involved at all times.

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