Why You Should Keep Your Divorce Off of Social Media

Almost everyone is plugged into social media nowadays, often sharing some of the most intimate details of their lives, whether through pictures or status updates that do not spare any details. It is also a platform many use in order to vent, turning to their online audience for validation regarding certain grievances. While oversharing online is generally not a good idea, it is a particularly terrible idea if you are in the middle of a divorce case. What you choose to post can ultimately serve as evidence against you in court and irreparably damage your chances at a fair divorce settlement.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should stay off social media during your divorce:

  1. Your online activity and texts are admissible in court: No matter how private you might think your online activity or correspondence is, the truth is that nothing is ever really private. In fact, even emails and text messages are admissible in court and might even be subpoenaed. For example, if you claimed to not have a job, but made a social media post about your job and expensive vacations you took with your new partner, your request for alimony would likely be declined. Always remember that, if you would not want a judge to see it, you should not post it.
  2. It could reveal your finances: Of course, no one is crunching numbers on social media and posting their income online, but there are other ways to go about flaunting your good fortune in life. If you claimed to have a low income to avoid making high spousal support or child support payments, but also post pictures of extravagant purchases, this will surely be used against you in court. Even if your spouse is no longer on your list of friends, it is still possible that a mutual friend might pass the information along, giving him or her the ammunition necessary to rip your case apart.
  3. It could impact your chances at child custody: Social media provides a window into one’s life, what they are doing, and where they are when they are doing it. If you happen to be a parent who is fighting for child custody, social media can cripple your case if you are seen engaging in questionable behavior when you should be watching over your children. This might be exactly what a judge needs to deem you an unfit parent.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to simply stay off social media until your divorce is finalized. No matter how tempting it might be, the fact is that nothing online is worth risking your future for.

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