4 Little Known Facts About Probate

Probate can be a complicated matter if not handled correctly. It is the legal process of validating or nullifying a will. Usually, when someone leaves a will, they divide their assets and bequeath heirlooms. Because matters of money and materials can be tricky, certain individuals can contest a will if they find fault with it. While people know what probate is, there might be facts that go unnoticed. At Chung & Ignacio, Attorneys at Law, we want you to be prepared in all aspects of probate law.

1. You Can Avoid Probate

While most attorneys probably will not tell you this, we want you to know that probate can be avoided if you plan ahead. An experienced estate planning lawyer can help you do that. Other instances where probate might not be necessary include if a person has a living trust or has joint accounts with someone else.

2. You Usually Notify Family Members About Probate

While cases differ, in most probate proceedings, it is important to notify the family and the people listed in the will if you are contesting it.

3. Probate Can Occur While You’re Alive

While uncommon, your will can go through probate while you are still alive. One of the reasons one might do this is if they believe their will faces opposition in the future. It is a way to safeguard your decisions.

4. More Than One Probate May Be Needed

Usually, a probate occurs in the county court where the deceased resided. However, if the deceased has property and assets in other regions, more than one probate may need to be filed.

Probate issues can be complicated and tricky to navigate. If you have estate plans and wills that need to be validated or nullified, contact our Rancho Cucamonga probate attorneys today. We can help you protect your rights!