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Should I Retain an Attorney for My Car Dealership?


Many car dealership owners wonder if it is beneficial to retain an attorney for their car dealership. The answer is simple. Yes. If you own an auto dealership, it is important you obtain the appropriate legal representation to protect your business. A car dealership can be a complicated undertaking. Owners need to understand transactions, contracts, and how to work with their employees. With a qualified civil litigation attorney, you can ensure your business receives the legal protection it needs.

How a Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Help Your Dealership

When opening your own car dealership, it can feel like you need to learn a myriad of new information. It can be overwhelming trying to decipher all the legal codes and regulations. This is why you should obtain an attorney. Our civil litigation lawyers understand the complexity of the law and work to promote and protect your rights.

Benefits of a civil litigation attorney include:

  • Helping you understand Lemon Laws and California Consumers Legal Remedies Act
  • Reviewing contracts and files to ensure everything is in order
  • Representing you in contract, labor, manufacturer, fraud, and financial disputes
  • Making sure your legal rights are upheld

At Chung & Ignacio, our Rancho Cucamonga civil litigation attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge about laws concerning auto dealerships. We have worked with many owners protect their business. Our firm makes it a priority to put our clients’ needs first. We take the time to get to know you and learn about your business philosophy. We use this information to color the way we handle your legal contracts and relationships. If you have an auto dealership or plan to start one in the near future, contact our lawyers today. We offer free consultations to review your business plan and help you strategize the best way to protect your company.