How Long Will My Divorce Take?

rings and divorce on paperWhen a couple decides to move forward with a divorce, they may have various questions about the process. One of the most common questions is how long the divorce will take. For many, this is important because the marriage is beyond repair and they want to make the dissolution complete as soon as possible. Before you go running around claiming to be divorced just because you filed the papers, you should know that there are many factors involved that can make the divorce take longer than you anticipated. Until all aspects of your divorce are resolved, you will remain legally married.

Before You Can File

Not everyone is familiar with the restrictions limiting when a person can file for divorce in California. It’s reasonable, though, as the main thought in most individuals’ minds is to be divorced as soon as possible. Before a person can file for divorce, they must meet the state’s residency requirements. In California, a person must be a resident of the state for a minimum of six months before being able to file for divorce. In some instances, they must live in the specific county for three months in order to file there, as well.

Immediately After You File

From the date you file for divorce, your spouse is granted a 30-day period to respond. If granted by you and your lawyer, this time may be extended per the request of your spouse. After that, there is a waiting period for six months, which is a way for you and your spouse to discuss some of the important matters involved in a divorce. If the two parties can reach an agreement regarding all aspects of their divorce, it can be finalized right after the waiting period ends. However, if the couple cannot reach an agreement and are still arguing about certain aspects of their divorce, the process will take longer. Litigation may be necessary to resolve these issues.

What Can Make the Divorce Take Longer?

In a divorce, some of the most contentious matters include things like child custody, property division, child and spousal support, and more. When couples cannot agree on these matters, they must present a case to the court and provide all necessary information that will be used to determine exactly who gets what. The court will then make a decision based on state divorce law. These proceedings don’t begin until after the waiting period has ended.

Because each case is different, it is impossible to tell exactly how long a given divorce will take to be completed. However, a divorce may take anywhere from six months to well over a year or more to be finalized. One of the most important aspects to consider during this time is how you are going to protect your rights and financial interests.

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