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Chung & Ignacio, LLP Represents Rear-End Accident Victim


In a recent personal injury matter, we represented a client who was involved in an automobile collision when the other party rear ended our client and pushed her vehicle into the back of the vehicle in front of her. Because of the impact, our client sustained whiplash type injuries, or soft tissue injuries, to her neck and back.

After seeking medical attention with her primary care physician, she was scheduled for physical therapy but the first available appointment given to her was a month away and she would be responsible for paying a hefty co-payment each time she went prior to receiving any treatment, which was money out of her pocket, when she was not even at fault for the accident.

After having a free consultation with our office and retaining our firm, we advised her that she could, and should, seek medical attention (i.e. a chiropractor) who could provide medical treatment to her immediately and who could do it on a lien basis so nothing comes out of her pocket.

She sought immediate treatment as advised, and was able to have the necessary treatments and MRIs she needed. She finished her treatments, without paying for anything out of her pocket, was able to recover, and we were able to reach a settlement without going to trial. The settlement we obtained for her covered all of her medical expenses, and in addition, she was able to recover a significant sum for the pain and suffering she endured because of the accident.

This is one typical scenario that our firm constantly handles. The first priority we have as a firm in any personal injury case is to make sure proper treatment is obtained right away with no out of pocket cost to the client, and that the client receives the maximum reasonable amount for their pain and suffering.