How Will a DUI Affect My Insurance?

A drunk driving arrest has many implications. What comes to mind for most is a mark on your criminal record, fines, losing your license, and possible jail time. But what about the collateral consequences of a DUI? One example of a collateral consequence is the affect a DUI will have on your insurance.

The best way to think of a DUI is as a two-sided coin with criminal and civil implications, because a DUI is both a traffic violation and a criminal offense. Any traffic violation can impact your insurance premiums. This includes anything from speeding violations to car accidents. Insurance companies see a DUI on a person’s record as an indicator of risk. The higher the risk, the higher the premiums – or so it usually goes.

Your insurance company knows about any and all traffic offenses on your record. Before you can get insurance, you must submit or request a copy of your driving record for the insurance company to view. Many factors can affect the insurance premiums you pay, such as age, gender, and type of vehicle, but a large contributing factor is the presence of any DUIs on your record.

Many people want to know how much their insurance company will raise their rates after a DUI. The answer is – it varies. Every insurance company calculates premiums differently, every driver has unique circumstances, and premium calculation can even differ by location.

Some insurance companies, if they determine that you are an extremely high risk driver, will drop your policy and refuse to insure you completely. If you want to drive again after a DUI, you’ll need to show proof of insurance, so if your current insurance company won’t insure you, you may have to look elsewhere.

A DUI can affect your insurance for as long as it remains on your record. Most insurance companies will increase premiums for DUI offenders for a few years after the offense.

If you were arrested for drunk driving, there may still be time to fight it! In California, you have ten days to request a hearing at the DMV which is where you can contest the suspension of your license. You will also face a criminal hearing for your DUI. At both, we recommend that you have an experienced DUI lawyer represent you. Call the team at Chung & Ignacio, LLP today for a free review of your case!