What is the Divorce Rate in California?

Divorce rates are difficult to come by, but you have likely heard the commonly cited statistic “50% of marriages end in divorce.” Some suggest that California’s rate is as high as 10% over the national average, sitting at 60%. Statistics like these are thrown around so often that they have most people believing the chances of a marriage surviving are abysmal. Truthfully, the divorce rate has been declining since 1980.

Why Is the Divorce Rate So High?

Some experts suggest this might be because people are waiting longer to get married, or not getting married at all. Some say sudden surges in divorce rates result from changes in the law, such as when no-fault divorce was introduced in the 1980's.

Some other statistics regarding divorce in the United States include:

  • 70% of people married in the 1990s stayed together until their 15th anniversary
  • About 65% of people married in the 1970s and 1980s reached their 15th anniversary
  • Two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women
  • 11% of college-educated people married in the early 2000s divorced by their 7th anniversary, compared to 17% of individuals without college degrees

Regardless of where you fit in these statistics, one thing is true: You need a skilled attorney to protect your interests and help you achieve a fresh start in life. Contact Chung & Ignacio, LLP today to schedule a free consultation!

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