Former San Bernardino Police Officer Sentenced to 25 Years for Sexual Assaults

There are times when our criminal justice system serves to remind us and our public officials that their power does not grant them immunity from being punished for crimes. Last week was one of those times. On Monday, October 27 th, former San Bernardino police Office Jose Jesus Perez was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for committing a series of sexual assaults and civil rights violations against women while he was in uniform.

The story, which has garnered widespread attention for elements of public official corruption, involves ex-officer Perez, a resident of Menifee. According to court documents, Perez had reportedly forced several victims who worked as prostitutes to engage in sexual acts with him, including times when he was in his patrol car and on duty. Perez was convicted by a federal jury of several felony counts and a misdemeanor in May of this year.

Prominent Individuals, Serious Offenses

The officer's story, while extreme, helps illustrate that public officials and prominent individuals are not above the law. In fact, in many cases, they have far more to lose. Convictions in these types can carry additional charges for offenses involving abuse of power. Other cases involving prominent professionals – including financial crimes and fraud or sex crimes committed by medical professionals – can also create additional charges.

Officials and others in prominent positions who are charged for serious crimes often experience serious repercussions to their professional lives. Aside from the threat of losing their licenses, jobs, and future employment opportunities, professionals facing criminal charges can also have their reputations tainted. These serious repercussions should prompt anyone in such a position to work with experienced and proven criminal attorneys.

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  • Public officials
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