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One of the most controversial issues in divorce can be spousal support. While not every divorce will end in a battle over alimony, there are many that are dragged on by disputes, negotiations, and complications connected to spousal support orders. When you come to Chung & Ignacio, LLP, we strive to help your divorce go as smoothly as possible. This includes resolving spousal support.

Our Rancho Cucamonga divorce lawyers care about our clients, always going above and beyond to ensure their rights and best interests are safeguarded through every step of the process. With personalized legal solutions, years of experience, and a dedication to our clients, we give you peace of mind and assurance for the process ahead.

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How Is Spousal Support Decided?

The California family courts take into consideration a variety of different factors when trying to determine if, how much, and how often spousal support should be awarded in a divorce. If your divorce is uncontested and both spouses are open to working together, support may be decided between them. This is often not the case, however.

If a judge must make the spousal support decision, they will look at:

  • How long a couple was married
  • The age of each spouse
  • The quality of living enjoyed during the marriage
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage
  • The earning potential of each spouse
  • Each spouse’s employment or ability to work

These are just a few of the factors that the judge will review when trying to craft a spousal support order for a divorcing couple. They must also determine what type of spousal support should be ordered, such as temporary or permanent support. If you have questions or concerns regarding the alimony order, turn to Chung & Ignacio, LLP.

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