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Did you know that you have an estate? Estates aren’t just reserved for the wealthy. An estate simply means everything you own. This can be a car, a home, properties, furniture, and life insurance policies, to name a few examples. Regardless of the size of your estate, it is wise to take steps now to ensure that your estate is protected, and passes on to whom you wish after you are gone. While you may already know who you want to receive what, the actual process of estate planning can be complex. That’s where our Rancho Cucamonga estate planning lawyers come in!

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Why You Need an Estate Plan

Estate plans not only help you plan ahead for the future but also put in protections for the present. If you were to become incapacitated or unable to make your own decisions for any reason, who would be in charge of your estate? Who would make medical decisions on your behalf? If you don’t have a designated individual in place and a direct plan for them to follow, the future could be very rocky.

Estate plans can be very beneficial, creating a means for:

  • Your assets to be managed in the case of your incapacitation
  • Your estate to be distributed to specific heirs after your passing
  • Your children to have a guardian in the case of your passing or incapacitation
  • Your assets to be overseen and handled by a select individual / professional
  • Your health and medical treatment to be directed by your wishes, even if incapacitated

Though many people think of estate planning simply as creating a will, there is much more to it. You can create a trust, a power of attorney, an advance directive, a guardianship plan, and much more. The decisions that are made through your estate plan not only affect the future of your family, but they can affect your future as well.

How Our Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help

Crafting an estate plan on your own may seem tempting, but this can be a very dangerous step. You may not take into consideration the various factors that can impact your estate. Not only that, but you may fail to take advantage of the full protections you can create through strategic estate planning approaches. From the details covered in your will to your preferences covered in your advance directive, we make sure your best interests are safeguarded.

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