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Unlawful DetainerWhen an unlawful detainer, or eviction lawsuit, is opened, time is immediately of the essence. If you have been served a Three Day Notice of eviction, you must act quickly to secure legal representation if you wish to protect your rights and your future.

Here at Chung & Ignacio, LLP, our legal team works aggressively and quickly with individuals, families, landlords, and tenants who are facing a civil litigation matter, such as a lawsuit, in the Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas. Despite which side of the legal matter you are on, securing representation from a Rancho Cucamonga civil litigation attorney is strongly advised.

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California Defenses to Evictions for Tenants

There are many complex legal actions to take when an issue concerning a landlord and tenant arise. Having an attorney present during an unlawful detainer lawsuit is the best option if you wish to find a favorable outcome. You will have rights and options that you must learn about in order to move forward with your claim, and you must do this in a very short amount of time.

If you are a tenant in California looking to defend against a complaint, you may be able to utilize the following facts in your written answer:

  • The implied warranty of habitability was violated by the rental unit
  • The eviction action was filed by the landlord in retaliation
  • The three-day notice requested an amount of rent more than the normal amount

Once you have received a complaint, you will have hours to talk to an attorney and to begin formulating a plan. From here, you can then move forward to challenge the case with or without a jury (not all cases get one).

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In any real estate-related matter, having your lawyer close by is strongly advised. There will be many questions you will have along the way to which only an attorney can provide answers. At our office, we understand that your case is special, different from all the rest. We refuse to put your case into a cookie-cutter method with hopes of returning the same results as the last. Instead, we will work with you to find out intimate details of your case and work to provide you with the most favorable solution for your specific case matter.

Prior to trial, take the following steps to prepare for an unlawful detainer lawsuit:

  • Answer the complaint or summons within the allotted time period (five days)
  • Speak with legal counsel to fully understand your case
  • Request discovery of evidence
  • Gather information for the case from letters, documents, witnesses, or photo / video evidence
  • Make copies of all documents for all parties who may need them
  • Request witnesses who can help your case to testify

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