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At the center of honest and ethical business endeavors in our country is the legal instrument of the contract. Cherished and trusted for centuries as a central tenet to commerce, the contract can be fully enforced under the law when it has been properly constructed and implemented.

The unfortunate fact is that a business can be grievously harmed by a party that fails to hold up their end of a legally binding agreement. Were such breaches not called to question by the legal system and enforcement brought to bear, our entire economy would suffer irreparable erosion. When your company needs to tenaciously pursue such a civil litigation matter, our Rancho Cucamonga breach of contract attorneys at Chung & Ignacio, LLP can help.

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How Does a Breach of Contract Occur?

What exactly is the basic premise behind a breach of contract? It can be defined as the failure of one party to provide promised goods, money, services, actions, or refrain thereof to another party as outlined in a legally binding contract. These items of value, wide-ranging in their potential nature, are called "consideration." They are a key factor behind the enforceability of an agreement.

A breach of contract can involve such issues as:

  • Failure to deliver or perform
  • Failure to meet a timeline or other agreed upon conditions
  • Violation of a non-disclosure or non-compete agreement

A breach of contract can lead to not only inconvenience, but also financial loss. In some cases, damages may be recoverable to help offset the effects of a breach of contract. A lawyer well versed in contract litigation matters can be of critical value to your business.

How Chung & Ignacio, LLP Can Help You

The team at Chung & Ignacio, LLP understands the negative consequences that a breach of contract can have on your business endeavors. From minor violations to major offenses, our Rancho Cucamonga civil litigation attorneys will work diligently on your behalf, offering not only trusted legal counsel but close communication and intimate service. We have a reputation for achieving success and are ready to fight doggedly for your company’s best interests.

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