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Breach of Contract: How a Lawyer Can Help With This Civil Litigation Case

Contracts reside at the center of a strong, ethical partnership. It holds both sides together. Two parties voluntarily come into an agreement where they both exact an exchange of goods, services, ...
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Real Estate / Quiet Title

A fraudulent lien or a forged deed is one of the most problematic aspect in dealing with real estate. Unfortunately, this problem is not discovered until months or even years after the fraudulent lien ...
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Everything You Need to Know About Unlawful Detainer

When a tenant refuses to leave their residence, the landlord can take certain actions in order to have them evicted. However, the landlord cannot make the tenant move out themselves. They must file an ...
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What Is "Civil Litigation" Anyway?

Chung & Ignacio, LLP has a thriving civil litigation practice, but do you know what our litigators do? Civil litigation is a term thrown around in the legal field, but one that is much less common ...
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Civil Restraining Orders

There are many types of restraining orders: Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order, Workplace Violence Restraining Orders, and Civil Harassment ...
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Top 4 Risks Auto Dealerships Face

Owning a business can be stressful, with many obstacles to success. Auto dealership owners particularly face a difficult time when making their business work. Stereotypes illustrate cars salesman as ...
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Getting Out of a Contract

Often times we enter in a contract, or a lease agreement and things go according to plan. However, there are also instances where one party, for whatever reason, needs to breach the agreement and ...
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Should I Retain an Attorney for My Car Dealership?

Many car dealership owners wonder if it is beneficial to retain an attorney for their car dealership. The answer is simple. Yes. If you own an auto dealership, it is important you obtain the ...
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Real Estate Contract Conflicts and How You Can Resolve Them

Buying your own real estate can be a very exciting moment in your life. It indicates a sense of maturity and accomplishment. Owning a home or property can give you a gravitas. However, selling and ...
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How to Get Tenants Evicted in Rancho Cucamonga

As a homeowner who rents out rooms, you have certain rights. One of them is to evict tenants who fail to uphold their part of the contract. If tenants do not act appropriately, it might be best to ...
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4 Little Known Facts About Probate

Probate can be a complicated matter if not handled correctly. It is the legal process of validating or nullifying a will. Usually, when someone leaves a will, they divide their assets and bequeath ...
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Unlawful Detainer Procedure

The legal process for evicting a tenant is referred to as “Unlawful Detainer.” In order to legally evict a tenant the landlord must follow some important and necessary steps. Failure to ...
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This New Year We Resolve to Fight Harder for You

As the New Year rolls in, the resolutions take hold. This time of year is always exciting, offering limitless opportunities and possibilities. While most people focus on achieving personal goals and ...
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Happy Holidays!

Everyone at Chung & Ignacio, Attorneys at Law, would like to wish you a very happy holidays and a brighter new year. We would like to take this moment to thank our clients – past, present, ...
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How to Handle a Business Dissolution

It is never an easy to end something, especially something as important and time-consuming as a business. Businesses require a lot of care, investment, and work. Individuals spend a significant amount ...
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Chung Wins Trial for Just Mortgage, Inc.

The court has ruled in favor of Just Mortgage, Inc. (JMI) in a case brought against them by KTDA III Associates. KTDA filed a second amended complaint seeking declaratory relief from J.P. Morgan and ...
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